$25B+ in buy-side transaction value supported through Thinktiv’s GRO Practice over the last four years.

We are pleased to share that our team has now supported more than $25B in buy-side transactions with superior insights that reduce risk and accelerate post-close value creation.

Thinktiv introduced product-centric maturity assessments in mid-2017 to address a significant gap in the pre-transaction consulting services landscape. Today, our expanded buy-side Growth Readiness & Opportunity (GRO) assessments help investors identify a company’s most actionable product, business model, and go-to-market value creation levers alongside its most problematic growth inhibitors.

As valuations for software-driven businesses have skyrocketed, sponsors have felt pressure to expand their operating playbooks to support product and customer experience innovation that will drive revenue growth, customer lifetime value, and increased operational velocity. Sponsors have also experienced intense pressure to identify value creation levers and growth inhibitors as early as possible during an investment, even before the transaction closes. Doing so enables rapid development of, and alignment to, integrated value creation strategies once the transaction is finalized.

With integrated insights focused on both value creation and risk, Thinktiv’s GRO assessments provide sponsors with perspective that traditional due diligence providers do not. In addition, the unique GRO offering aligns with Thinktiv’s post-transaction strategy and product-centered value acceleration services. This progressive, integrated approach, enables teams to move from strategy to high-value outcomes in aggressive time frames.

These factors have combined to fuel the explosion of Thinktiv’s GRO practice over the past four years. The team has supported nearly 130 transactions for more than 30 growth and private equity sponsors.

Newly Expanded GRO Assessment Practice Supports Value Creation Planning

Our GRO practice focuses on value creation planning to help sponsors prepare to invest in and build the most valuable companies possible and enable executive teams to achieve outsized growth outcomes. Traditional consulting and due diligence offerings are not architected to unlock this type of strategic growth due to the complexity of modern software investments and a lack of focus on product-led value creation. GRO assessments explicitly focus on accelerating and identifying these opportunities.

Our core focus on category leadership through product-led strategy is essential to our value creation philosophy. This focus is the common thread informing all of our practice areas: GRO, Business Value Architecture, and Value Creation Acceleration. Our GRO assessments are essential for sponsors looking to maximize growth and company executives looking for signals to unlock greater value. These assessments help combat the tendency of most business operators to wait too long to align product roadmaps to the next strategic milestone. This forces stakeholders to hold longer and reduces their exit optionality. Engaging with Thinktiv pre-transaction can put sponsors on the right track toward value creation by helping to achieve an optimal financial event horizon for growth financing or divestiture.

This article was first published on Thinktiv’s website here.

Thinktiv is a value creation consulting firm headquartered in Austin, Texas. We’re an expert team of business operators and software technology pioneers specializing in transforming organizations to maximize growth opportunities. We architect value for mid-market companies and private equity funds by pioneering a new approach to the full transaction lifecycle and valuation growth. Come say hello on Twitter or LinkedIn or tell us about your value creation needs.




Thinktiv is the only value creation consultancy that offers an integrated solution built to achieve growth within the transaction lifecycle.

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Thinktiv is the only value creation consultancy that offers an integrated solution built to achieve growth within the transaction lifecycle.

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